Since well before there was awareness for solar energy, architecture has always interacted with light.
The study of the apparent motion of the sun and shadows has interested man since ancient times.
The construction of sundials is an ancient craft tradition balanced between poetry and geometry, and often involves the choice of the motto that bears witness to the culture of time. It also tells us a little about the owner of the house and creator of the sundial.
Private house in the Garda hinterland.
Made from acrylic on smoothed rustic plaster; the motto celebrates the warmth of friendship

Residence and bank headquarters in Brugherio
Created with the master of gnomonics Mario Tebenghi; the motto invokes the themes of time and friendship

Concorezzo Parish Church
The eighteenth-century parish church built by Cagnola and enlarged by Giovanni Muzio had a simple sundial over the doorway of the side entrance. In the mid 20th century, it was completely shaded by a row of locust trees. The new sundial was therefore built in the upper part of the south transept, to enjoy sun all day long.
It was made with acrylics on original plaster; the stern motto chosen by the parish priest is associated with the austerity of the design
Porta Vittoria Residence
The recent sundial calculated and constructed on the southern wall of the “tower” body of the complex has no motto, but a basic, “large scale” design: it is made of brushed stainless steel placed on the gelid Carrara marble wall, and has unusual measurements: overall height of 9.15 metres, width of 3.6 m and gnomon of 1.5m to indicate the time, the solstices and the equinoxes.